About Us

About Us

George F Brooks was established in 1999 and has grown from strength to strength since, Starting on a single project with on site head office to today where a hi tech head office based in London runs up to four multi million pound refurbishment, rebuild or regeneration projects.

George F Brooks Clients are primarily corporate investment companies. In the last 12 years the company has undertaken projects to the value of over $200 million.

The primary aim of the company is to improve efficiency in the construction & management of all projects. Cost effective and guaranteed to programme with the highest levels of quality achievable.

The company specialises in fast track high quality residential refurbishment in and around central London undertaking conversion & refurbishment of hostels, hotels, HMO’s (House of Multiple Occupancy) and Heritage Trust renovation where the maintenance of value is paramount.

The in-house Mechanical and Electrical design has enabled George F Brooks to design and install services that are second to none. With use of the trusted AutoCAD software George F Brooks is able to stick to tight budgets and time constraints without sacrifice of quality.

Our onsite warehousing systems have been developed from experience where performance is critical having radio controlled transport delivering fast efficient materials and products as per programme.

The company is managed by Ghanim Shubber with support from outsourced accountants, Quantity surveyors, business Development advisors and an in-house team of planner’s programmers, site managers and Foremen along with Mechanical & Electrical design consultants. The work force of 300 contractors comprising of scaffolder’s, steel fabricators and fitters, painter decorators, plumbers, electricians, tillers, roofers, bricklayers and general labour.

George F Brooks runs a London based Carpentry workshop undertaking all joinery, kitchen and furniture fabrication that enables unique and quality woodwork on time and on budget. The Steel Fabrication Workshop situated in North West London provides George F Brooks with all steelwork from unique ornamental railings to structure beam work.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission